Hesham Soliman started his career in movie production in the late eighties, working as production assistant with great directors like Atef El Tayeb, he soon became a production manager working with Youssef Shahin in El Mohager, El Maseer, El Akhar and Skoot Hanswaar, in this period he also made Concerto fe darb saada and the El Abwab El Moghlaka.

In 2001, Hesham started his career as a producer, doing 55 Asaaf, Mido Mashakel, Zaki Shaan, Zarf Tarek, El Basha Telmiz and Tito.

Hama Film Productions has been creating influential and award winning commercials,TV shows, documentaries and movies since it's founding in 2004 by Hesham Soliman.

We challenge the ordinary and create the extraordinary. As producers, we thrive on the opportunity to tell the story, engage with the viewer and create new memories. Always pushing the boundaries, no matter what the budget, means we can make your project look much bigger and deliver a more impressive solutions.